CENTRE DES HOMMES Atidéka méwona Avé

CDH is a community which assembles artist corporation, local farmers, and local and international volunteers. CDH aims to work for the development of the population. Its mission is to take care of earth and people by reducing poverty and increasing sustainability in education. Other fields of work in addition to education, social business, and ecology are culture, tourism, nature, and agriculture (medicinal plants). In its work CDH involves artists, local farmers, young people, local and international volunteers, and other local stakeholders. Its mission is to minimize the gap of social differences between peoples, to work for equality in people, and work to improve human life and its environment through education. The vision is to reduce poverty. Through its strategies, CDH NGO uses volunteers based on the local community and community outside of Togo, local stakeholder involvement. Association also promotes African art produced by the artist corporation of NGO Centre Des Hommes.
At the moment NGO CDH is focusing on the building of a learning and living center called Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH) to offer learning possibilities to decrease poverty in rural areas as described precisely later on at this application form.
For the ECDH project to be established, we need the effort of each one in order to do the 4 bigs steps that will enable the definitive establishment of the project ECDH.
The steps are: the first step was the project idea and project design. The second step was to buy the land and the design of the land which is ongoing. The third step is water management in the project land which must be done before we can build our ecolodges. Without this water management, it will be risky to build. This water management is not done yet, we are seeking support to do it as the land of ECDH presented a sloping part that makes rainwater by sens of gravity flows down causing damage. The fourth step will be the building of the shelters, residence (upcycled building).