A group of friends that met in India decide to create their own village in Europe.
Julie from Belgium is Holistic healer / Kine , her husband Shan from India is a founder of a organic jus company.
And me, Lima I am eco-project manager with eco-construction as a speciality.
So here we are, the small presentation of the team.

The main topic of the project are ;

– experimentation areas for alternative construction ( Earthship, Tree house, Dome, etc)
– Training cours of auto-construction for private person that want to build their own house
– Permaculture
– Organic food
– Food Market for local population
– cafe place with vegan meals and cakes
– Fair trade with product from Asia
(this 2 last points can be in town and not in the land, not sure yet)
– Have a polyvalent room for conference, practice yoga, meditation

So this is the main goal that can be modulable and added.

We are right now on the founding step and looking for a land. The place is not defined yet. But mainly in the south of Sweden.

We are currently looking for more Gaia citizen that want to join our dreamy project 🙂

Feel free to join us !

With love