Goda Händer ekoby

Goda Händer ecovillage is a rural community, where we take care of local resources and respect the limitations of the nature. We work with practical issues such as constructing ecologically sustainable buildings and cultivating our own food.
The ecovillage is also a project where we want to create a living community which promotes sustainable values, creativity and quality of life. Instead of stress and materialism, we want more time for nurturing our relationships and realizing our dreams. We also wish to build up a local market where we can cooperate with our neighbors and keep the chain from producer to consumer as short as possible.
We value our community. We regard relations and cooperation as the most important components in our ecovillage. We eat together twice a week. Several times a month we have meetings where we decide on big and small issues. Most fridays and one week in the summer we have communal working days. Different workgroups cooperate in fields such as gardening, forestry, construction, bee-keeping and more.
On the site, there are several buildings. We encourage different types of households; communal, family, tiny house, or whatever suits the individual members of the village best.