Hästekasen permaculture farm, learning and adventure center

A small scale farm close to the sea on the Swedish west coast. At the end of a road, with a big forest in the back.

Aiming for self-sufficiency by permaculture farming. Hens, bees, sheep, ducks, dog, cat. It’s not aiming for a village, more of a main house and small one-room satellite houses around it. Small off the grid, low impact, low standard houses, tiny houses. 12 hectares. 1 hectare for animals, 1 hectare for farming, the rest for recreation and firewood and building material.

We focus on water, food, shelter, warmth, building (with natural material), sewage (dry toilets).

We are attached to Erasmusplus, WWOOF and workaway and Couchsurfing. Summertime there is a lot of visitors doing adventure activities and some yoga. Some 20+ people here.
We are looking for volunteers that would like to do an Erasmus+ volunteering (6-9 months)

A strict no-drug policy. Not even smokers of nicotine are welcome. We try to eat less sugar, avoid carrying and staring into mobiles.
We are not so “hippie-peace-love and understanding”, more like green entrepreneurs.

Hästekasen is preparing for potential collapses in economy, ecology, “energy”. Hard work is needed, more producing, less consuming.

We eat some meat, but only if it is home slaughtered. We are mostly atheists. We like nature, our own music, sport/yoga, handicraft.

We are currently saving money to be able to buy neighboring land and expand. But it is a expensive area due to proximity to the sea.